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We were replacing the roof, so we needed to replace the gutters too. The soffit and fascia still looked brand new. The roof was stained with streaks from airborne pollution, and there was some algae growing at the corner where a large tree branch was overhanging. It was removed before the roof was being redone. We chose seamless aluminium gutters that were in a colour that would match the new roofing tiles. The soffit and fascia were already in a colour the same as that of the walls, which are grey. Getting rid of the plain white gutters would be an upgrade to the look of the house.

I like keeping our house looking good. My wife and I have put a lot of time and money into our home over the years. We could barely afford this house when we bought it. We committed to working hard and doing a lot of the remodeling ourselves. That was about three decades ago. Since then we have added two additions and two garages. One is attached, and the other one is on a lot that we purchased next to us. We have slowly been fixing and upgrading our house over the

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The roof overhang of the front porch is right where the gate of our fence is at. At that corner the gutter leaks a little bit. After a rain, it drips for hours. When anyone stops to open the gate, the water will drip on their heads. I find it particularly annoying. I tried cleaning it and sealing it with silicone. It worked for a few months, and then it started leaking again. I was looking for someone who would do gutter repairs and who would install leaf guard mesh so I would not have to manually clean out the gutters again.

The gutters on our house were replaced about six years ago. Unfortunately, they were replaced by me. I must have cut a few corners in the installation process. They still look brand new, but there are some leaky corners. This time I am having professionals do the gutter repairs. We cannot afford to replace them again so soon. We will have to wait until these ones wear out. The work I did is not horrible, it is just not optimal. ...continue reading

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The mantel is a decorative framework around the fireplace, and it can include elaborate designs extending to the ceiling. A fireplace mantel is a feature all homeowners either have or typically have a desire to build. It’s a part of the interior design process that’s often fun to decorate and personalize.

Common materials used for the mantel are stone, wood and metals. Homeowners these days aren’t shy about constructing and installing mantels themselves. See why everyone needs a mantel around their fireplace and how to build one yourself.

Why Everyone Needs A Mantel

A fireplace mantel helps create a cozy and sentimental environment in the rooms where family and friends are most likely to gather. It should be worthy of displaying your most cherished items given that it’s the focal point of every fireplace.

It’s an aspect of your home that you’re encouraged to make your own and showcase your family photos, art and accessories. It’s easy to get overwhelmed deciding how you want your mantel to look, but take one step at a time. The most important aspect is making sure the mantel you choose to build

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You may not realize the importance of keeping your gutters clear and debris free, but if your gutter system is often left neglected and abused, you can wind up with serious and costly home repairs.

Clogged and damaged gutters can lead to problems like foundation problems, structural issues, landscape erosion, basement flooding and water damage. One way to protect your home from severe damage is to invest in a gutter protection system.

A gutter protection system is a product that either attaches to your existing gutters, or replaces your entire gutter system, with the intent of allowing only debris to enter your gutters, while water is safely carried through your gutters and diverted away from your home.

From DIY solutions to professionally installed gutter protection systems, let’s face it - gutter protection can be overwhelming. That’s why, at LeafFilter, we want to educate you about the pros and cons of the different types of gutter protection systems. The following will inform you about the different type of gutter protection systems so you can find the system that meets your needs.

DIY Gutter Protection Systems

DIY gutter systems are relatively inexpensive

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If you’re the owner of a small bathroom, then you know how hard it is to make it look bigger and function better. Getting to your end goal may be a tough challenge, but it’s one I encourage you to attempt.

A new year means new must-have trends and fresh decorating ideas for your home. Don’t stress out, this is all good news! Instead of focusing on the size of your bath, you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of it. See 10 small bathroom décor ideas you have to try right away

1. Remove All Clutter

As a homeowner, clutter should be your number one enemy. It creates mess, stress and disorder in the home. If this is something you struggle with, then it’s time to make a change.

Every single thing in your small bath should have a place to live. Unless an item is in use or made to sit on the sink, it shouldn’t be taking up space on the counter. You have countless options for organizing and decluttering including; cabinets above the toilet, shelves, hooks, mirrors with storage and cute baskets. Decorating a